Secretin prompted a significant decrease of DNA and protein in the ileum

The effect of pentagastrin, secretin and Cholecystokinin on biochemical parameters of mucosal growth and differentiation Nike Cortez Uk 9 was studied in organ cultured rabbit jejunum and ileum. Pentagastrin at 0.05-5.0 μg/ml did not affect DNA content of the biopsy, Roshe Run Junior Uk but led to a significant decrease of sucrase and alkaline phosphatase activity in the ileum.

Secretin prompted a significant decrease of DNA and protein in the ileum at a level of 10 -7 and 10 -5M, but had no effect in the jejunum. Of the brush border enzymes, sucrase and alkaline phosphatase were suppressed in both parts of the intestine both with respect to cheap nike blazers low uk  specific activity and total biopsy content. Cholecystokinin, like pentagastrin, did not influence DNA or Mens Nike Shox Trainers Uk protein content, but reduced sucrase, maltase and alkaline… phosphatase activity. HMG-CoA reductase, the key enzyme of cholesterol synthesis, was not significantly affected by any of the three hormones tested.

When brush border enzymes or DNA from desquamated cells were measured in Nike Air Max Mens Cheap the post-culture medium, no consistent effect of any gastrointestinal hormone was apparent. The present study demonstrates a direct “antitrophic” effect of secretin in  cheap nike air max trainers cultured mucosa. Pentagastrin and Cholecystokinin did not influence mucosal DNA content in vitro but apparently inhibited villus cell differentiation.

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